Makeup or Not?

kim kard-makeup

Kim Kardashian without makeup and then all glammed up.

We all have seen those celebrity photos of stars caught without makeup.  Most of the time the tabloid newspapers, magazines and entertainment programs make a big deal out of something that is really so simple.  Every woman has gone without makeup at some point.  We’re not walking around all done up every waking moment.

However, we’re often led to believe that the celebrities somehow are immune to having a day where they aren’t all ‘glammed up’ by their style team.  I mean come on, we have to understand that beauty is not just about the makeup we wear.  Sure, it’s fun to get our hair done, makeup done and dressed up, but there something beautiful about a women who can feel confident with or without makeup on.

When we see women without makeup, it’s refreshing to know that we are all the same in some way.  We all have a clean canvas to work with. We are all true beauties at heart and that’s the real beauty.  It’s who we are on the inside that makes us beautiful.  Being a woman in itself is a wonderful thing and once we can all embrace the beauty of womanhood….that’s the first step.

Makeup or not, we can all be beautiful in our own way. But it first starts with embracing it.

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