Be Your Number 1

Just before speaking to the girls I took a moment to embrace something I love about myself. I have to be my ‘Number 1’ and say…I love my smile. I was about to face girls ages 12-16.

On the tour across middle schools and secondary schools I’m travelling with rap artist Masia One.  Throughout the presentations to the young women we focus on many issues but it seems the problem of self-love and acceptance runs deep and wide with many young women.

We have to learn to love ourselves and become our own ‘Number 1’.  Meaning we have to be the number one person in our life.  Before she performs her latest single, ‘Number One’ Masia One tells the young women to wake up every day, look themselves in the mirror and say, “I’m beautiful, I’m strong, I look good, I’m smart and I have my own swag.  My own style…”

That is a solid message not only for young girls but for women as a whole.  We need to wake up, look at ourselves and be the number one person in our lives speaking good and positive things.  All too often women wake up and see all the negative things and focus so much on it that it can be powerful enough to break your inner spirit.  A broken spirit is not a beautiful thing.  It will bring negative vibes through and that is what will make ugly come through.  We can all be beautiful by first learning to embrace and become our ‘number one’ in our lives.

What will you wake up and tell yourself in the morning?

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