Singer Colbie Caillat Takes off Makeup

Colbie Caillat makes a statement with her latest music video for the sing Try from her latest EP, Gypsy Heart.  The Grammy Award-winning singer admits to feeling the pressure to always look perfect.  With makeup, hair and stylists working on celebrities, like herself, every day she began to question the authenticity of feeling beautiful.  In an interview on she stated that she told producer Kenneth ‘Babyface’ Edmonds that she was “getting a lot of pressure to be someone I’m not, both musically and image-wise.”  After their conversation and with his support, she was inspired to not only collaborate on Try, but to also do a music video that would encourage women to love who they are even with without all the makeup.  The result is the video above.  Watch and see for yourself.

To read the full interview she did on CLICK HERE


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