Breast Cancer Beach Beauties


There is a new campaign that aims to challenge the ideas of beauty after breast cancer.  When it comes to a woman’s body, we are often judged by what is seen as ‘ideal’ or ‘perfect’ in whatever society we come from.  Our breasts have become a large part of sexuality and also define the overall beauty of a woman’s body.

What about those who have suffered at the hands of breast cancer and are now left with either one or no breasts at all.  Having a mastectomy is a life-changing experience.  It can affect a woman’s self esteem and level of confidence once she is healthy again and trying to go back to her normal routine.  Angelina Jolie opted for reconstructive surgery after her double mastectomy, but not all women have the means or the desire to go through reconstructive surgery after they have undergone so many medical treatments to remove the cancer.  They want to find a way to live a normal life and actually feel beautiful again.

monokini2 Solja_monokini2

This is especially a challenge when it comes to things like bras and swimsuits.  Monokini 2.0 aims to alter the way we think about a woman’s body through it’s line of swimsuits created for women who have had a mastectomy.   The woman behind the idea is Elina Halttunen, a breast cancer survivor herself.  Together with creative team the Nutty Tarts, they have designed swimsuits for women who want to have the freedom to swim and enjoy life despite the fact they only have one or no breasts at all.

Halttunen said she didn’t want to hide and wanted to be able to carry on with the same activities she did before the surgery and believes there are other women who feel the same.

The initiative is at the grassroots level and they are raising funds so they can bring this to more customers around the world. The Kickstarter campaign started on May 30, 2014 and runs until June 29 with the goal of raising $55,000.  If you believe in the cause you can donate through the Kickstarter page. To find out more about the brand visit the website at




Check out the website here:



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