Every Body Can Be a Bikini Body

Back in February we were all bombarded with the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover featuring three models with bodies that many women envy.  There they were smiling and looking at us with their backsides that many men lusted after and women felt bad because they don’t have that kind of body.

The challenge is to learn to celebrate all bodies, embrace our body and stop envying others.  Of course those women looked great, but many other women with other body types look great too.  That should be acknowledged not only by media but by the women themselves.  Being afraid to step out on the beach or at a pool because you think your body is not ‘ready’ is all part of the problem.  Find a suit that fits and embrace your body.

swimsuits for all

Now that it is officially going into summer season, many women are actually dreading putting on that swimsuit (let alone a bikini).  Swimsuits for All continues to build its business on changing how we think and our view women’s bodies in swimwear.  For the latest campaign, Swimsuits for All collaborated with plus-size model Robyn Lawley and plus-size fashion blogger Gabi Gregg to not only recreate the image from that Sports Illustrated Cover, but to also push a campaign dubbed ‘Sexy at Every Curve’.

Watch the video above to hear from both Lawley and Gregg on the collaboration.

Check out Gabi Gregg’s fashion blog at this link: CLICK HERE

Check out Robyn Lawley’s website: CLICK HERE

Sexy at every curve

Sports Illustrated models on the left vs. the Swimsuits for All models.


3 thoughts on “Every Body Can Be a Bikini Body

  1. At one time, Marilyn Monroe was a size 14 and considered a “sex symbol” in that era. Now society has made women believe they have to look like a twig to be sexy. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and not everyone can be photo-shopped.

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