Flaws and All

After one of the presentations I made at a high school recently, a student came up to me and said there was something she wanted to say but didn’t get the opportunity.  She told me, “We all have flaws and we should learn to love them.  Then we’ll realize that they aren’t flaws at all.”  Sometimes we are our own worst enemies.  We point out our own flaws and then make them a negative focus.  Instead we should choose to embrace our flaws and make them a positive pare of who we are.  Once we love all of who we are then we can move forward positively.   As the quote above suggests, no one can use it against you if you haven’t done it yourself.

Cindy Crawford was told her mole was too ugly to be a model.  Lauren Hutton’s gap-toothed smile was her flaw that turned out to be her biggest asset.  Jennifer Lopez’ curvy body has been embraced as an alternative to the stick thin models and celebrities usually seen.

I always hated my big feet and even today still have a tough time embracing my large shoe size because it’s that much harder to find what I like.  But what I have embraced about this ‘flaw’ is I don’t have to worry about someone wanting to borrow my shoes….because my feet are bigger than all my friends.  And believe me…I love my shoes. 😉

What is your flaw that you’ve embraced and loved as your unique beauty?

2 thoughts on “Flaws and All

  1. I have lot of flaws and I was happy I got to know about self esteem and motivation in my teenage years that made me accept myself completely by the age of 18. I have a big feet just like you and I lisp sometimes when pronouncing
    words with an “s” this made it difficult to expresss myself infront of people. But since the day I embraced it, I even forget that I even lisp sometimes and I’m bold to express myself infront of my coleagues and superiors at work and everywhwere I find myself. Such a great feeling when you appretiate yourself 🙂

    • I think it’s amazing that you’ve shared your experience. We all have struggled with different things and it’s great to have stories of how we embraced our flaws and realized how beautiful we are in every way. 🙂

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