Embrace Your Beauty

When I was modelling many years ago, I used to experience so much scrutiny for my body. As most models do. You are expected to fit certain standards set in the industry.

Back then things were pretty strict as far as height, weight, and body measurements. I never seemed to fit what they wanted so I was always being told that I was “beautiful, but….” something as wrong.

On one particular shoot the makeup artist proceeded to tell me that my lips were not perfect. She said that my top lip should be a lot smaller and perhaps I should consider getting some cosmetic work done to improve it. She said that perfect lips would have a fuller bottom and much thinner upper lip.

So happy I didn’t listen to her words. I had enough self esteem issues being told my body wasn’t perfect. It was like I drew the line with this.

The lesson in this is to embrace your beauty and love your so-called flaws because they are what makes you uniquely beautiful.

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