Speak Positive

Speaking positive words can bring out the best of beauty in anyone.  This week has been amazing travelling through the greater Halifax region speaking at schools to students in Junior High Schools.  Today young people are faced with so many trials and struggles.  More than ever before.  But as I have spoken to most of them, I challenge them to use their words to speak positive to others.  Choosing words that uplift instead of words that destroy.

Think about it, most of the problems we have within ourselves come from the word used by others or the words we tell ourself.  Like if a teacher told you that you had a real talent for writing.  You will remember that.  If a friend told you they didn’t like your hair.  You’ll remember that too.  Sometimes when people say really hurtful things it can change the course of our entire day.  Words.  Choose them wisely.

Today, speak at least one thing positive to the people you encounter today.  Tell your co-worker what you appreciate about him/her.  Let your mom/father/sibling know how important they are to you.  You will be delighted to see what a positive impact you can have on a person’s day based on the words you use.

Try it.  Trust me.  It works.

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