Love Your Freckles


Photo by Gabriel Silvério, Unsplash

If you were born with freckles, you probably have had some point in your life when you felt self-conscious about them.  Maybe you still feel that way today.  Especially if you have them all over your face and body.  When you search Google, you’ll find everything from “How Can I get Rid of my freckles?” to “Can your freckles go away?”  A lot of people with freckles, want to find a way to get rid of them.  It’s one of those things that you may be self-conscious about and you might even believe it makes you unattractive.

Learning to love everything about who you are is the beginning to 100% self acceptance.  What you may not see as beautiful, someone else things is attractive.  There are some women who actually use an eyeliner pencil to draw in fake freckles.  Last year Vogue Magazine compiled a list of successful women who have freckles.  Everyone from fashion icon Twiggy, to singer Sade to model Adwoa Aboah were on the list.

One of the fashion industry’s most successful models with freckles is Canadian-Jamaican Supermodel, Stacey McKenzie (pictured below).  She experienced bullying growing up because of her looks, but she’s managed to parlay those unique looks into a successful career.  She now inspires women to be their best selves through her runway workshops.


Supermodel, Stacey McKenzie in an early career photo by Richard Avedon.

For those who don’t know, freckles are simply darker pigments of skin that usually are in patches or patterns on the face or other parts of your body.  They can become darker or more prominent the more time you spend in the sun.  Freckles are usually more common in people with red-hair or lighter pigmented skin.   Although more common in Caucasian (White) people, they are not exclusive to only one race.


Photo by Vinicius Henrique, Unsplash

With the fashion industry constantly evolving and embracing all forms of beauty, women are seeing themselves represented more and more.  You’d think that seeing it would make more people with freckles more confident, but there are still so many websites and remedies that are supposed to help you get rid of them. You’ve probably visited a dermatologist countless times in hopes of finding a way to reduce or get rid of them entirely.


Photo by Zulmaury Saavedra, Unsplash

Unless they are causing problems to your health, you shouldn’t worry so much about them.  They are a part of what makes you, YOU!  Not only that, but they add a different element to your beauty that others won’t have.  When you wear makeup, don’t aim to cover them up, instead opt for translucent powders or a sheer foundation that help even out your skin without covering your freckles entirely.   Your freckles are natural beauty marks speckled in their own unique pattern.

Embrace your beauty and love your freckles. They are a part of you.  Once you learn to love yourself 100% you’ll notice how much your confidence rubs off on others.  Who knows, you might even inspire a little girl with freckles to love every beauty mark on her face.



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