Your Top Lip is Too Big

Yesterday was #oldheadshotday on social media. I saw plenty of actors, models and artists posting their old headshots from early in their careers. You can see the youth and desire for greatness in their eyes. Some look nervous, scared and unsure of themselves as they are embarking on the journey.

I say this to make the point that everyone had early beginnings. We all had moments where our confidence and strength was tested.

This photo is of myself, Ivy Prosper, in my twenties as I pursued a career in modelling. On the day of this shoot, the makeup artist was using a lipliner just before applying lipstick on me when she told me I was so beautiful except “Your top lip is too big.” Her words came out like it was nothing. She started to apply the lipstick and spoke about the technique she was using to create the look of a smaller lip. She went on to suggest that I get the ‘fat’ sucked out of my top lip so it could be perfect. She explained that the perfect pout in modelling had a smaller upper lip and fuller bottom lip.

I was irritated. Not only was I constantly hearing that I was “Too fat, thighs too thick or too heavy,” now I was hearing something negative about my top lip.

Thank goodness I didn’t pay her any mind. I had no intention of doing what she suggested.

The lesson in my story is to love yourself and don’t let what others say define how you feel about yourself. I know it’s hard sometimes, but you have to be your own advocate for self-love.

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