What’s Wrong With Skin Bleaching? 

Image of Azaelea Banks posted both on her Intagram and on the page of Whitenicious. 

Artist Azealia Banks, who’s no stranger to controversy, recently posted a photo on her Instagram account that had people asking if she was bleaching her skin.  She proudly stated on social media that she is using the product Whitenicious.  The company posted a thank you for her promotion and openly stated that they did not pay her for an endorsement.  This was done on her own accord.

Banks has been widely criticized for her decision to use skin bleaching products, especially because of her outspoken views on racism and cultural appropriation. How can a proud dark-skinned black woman suddenly succumb to beauty standards that say lighter is better?   She is being called out by fans. She recently responded with a 20 minute Facebook Live video defending her decision. She says that skin bleaching isn’t much…

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