Is Miss Universe Japan Not Japanese Enough?

Ariana Miyamoto was crowned Miss Universe Japan on March 12, 2015.  Since then there’s been continued conversation about the fact a mixed-race person won the beauty pageant.  Many were criticizing her saying she wasn’t Japanese enough or didn’t ‘look’ like she was Japanese.  Of course there were several who took to social media to make their racist and negative remarks about her win.  One person said, “That big mouth, that gaudy face. This is Miss Japan?”  Not everyone was this harsh of course.  There were some who praised and supported her for the win.  (Watch the video below to see what some were saying on the streets of Japan).

Miyamoto has a Japanese mother and Black (African-American) father.  Despite the fact she grew up in Japan, she faces obstacles in her life every day as a mixed race person. She says that she wants to make a difference in Japan because the number of mixed raced children is growing with the increase in interracial marriages.

What do you think about her win?

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