No Makeup No Photoshop

march flare

Flare Magazine is one of Canada’s top fashion magazine.  The March 2015 issue was unveiled and features a cover with five fresh faced models wearing no makeup and absolutely no photoshop was used on the final image.  The young women are some of Canada’s next up and coming models (Sasha Hronis, Charlotte Mingay, Sophie Touchet, Shelby Furber and Jenna Lenfesty-Castilloux).

This isn’t the first time that a magazine has dived into the idea of using no photoshop on it’s cover.  I remember a few years ago when Jessica Simpson appeared Marie Claire magazine’s May 2010 cover without any makeup or photo retouching.  It’s quite refreshing to see people represent the face of beauty without any cosmetics or digital altering.

This is one instance when you can really say they woke up like this #flawless.

3 thoughts on “No Makeup No Photoshop

  1. I wish more magazines took this approach. In Australia majority of mags say no photoshop has been used on certain pages but there’s no doubt they have had some form of retouching

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