Lorde Calls Out Photoshop Pic

lorde-photoshop tweet

Singer Lorde is making headlines again. This time not for her music but about her outspoken opinion on the issue of Photoshop.  The singer tweeted this picture with a comparison of herself in a picture that was altered to make her look perfect versus an unedited photo taken on the same day at the same performance.  In her tweet she said that “flaws are ok.”  Since she posted it, the image has been trending on Twitter and on Facebook. Social media is abuzz once again about the issue of photoshop and images in the media.  This isn’t breaking news, but it always sparks a conversation every time it comes up.

This reminds us once again to not allow ourselves to compare how we look with the digitally altered images we see every day.  Humans are not perfect.  So we should embrace our imperfections.

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