Diesel Shows Diversity with Wheelchair Model


Jillian Mercado is a fashion editor making headlines since appearing in the latest ad campaign for Diesel  – in her wheelchair.  The #DieselReboot campaign is all about featuring diversity and showing unconventional models who represent modern-day rebels and cool people with style.

The fashion editor and blogger entered an open casting by Diesel and was surprised when she was selected as one of the final choices for the campaign.  She told Elle.com “I remember in the questionnaire they asked, ‘Why do you wanna do this campaign?’ and I answered “Cause I wanna change the world.”  

 The ad is getting a whole lot of attention because Mercado appears in her electric wheelchair.  It’s not exactly the image we are used to seeing in fashion advertising.  She has muscular dystrophy and has been bound to a wheelchair since age 12.  She doesn’t let being in her wheelchair stop her from pursuing her goals.  She hopes that her appearance in the campaign will inspire others in the same situation as her.  “With hard work and some initiative, anything can happen,” she said.   

The 23-year-old is a graduate of New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology and is known in fashion circles.  Mercado said she had worked with Diesel’s creative director Nicola  Formichetti before and never expected she would end up working with him again in this capacity.  Fomichetti said, “She’s totally fearless.  You don’t have to be a conventional model type to represent my brand.”


Jillian Mercado. (Photo: Danny Roche / alt-beauty.com)


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