Fight Fat Talk with Special K

From ‘You can’t Pinch an inch” in the eighties to “Shhh…down with fat talk”, Special K has evolved from being a brand that was focused on weight loss and getting thin to now becoming a brand that wants to combat the negative feelings women have about their bodies.  It seems ironic that a brand that banked itself on the weight loss industry is now making this turn to help women feel better.  They have even got Model/Mogul Tyra Banks on board with the campaign using the social media hashtag #FightFatTalk.  She posted on her Facebook and Twitter pages an image of herself saying, “shhhh” to introduce the partnership in the project.  Having a heavy name as hers will certainly help with the campaign.  So far it hasn’t gotten as much response as the Dove campaigns largely because people are skeptical of the company’s motives.  Considering they made a big profit as part of the weight loss industry, it is a hard campaign to swallow for some.

The move could have been initiated by the fact that there is a huge push on self-esteem, body image and women’s and girl’s rights over the last few years.  Dove successfully built a stronger brand with their ‘real beauty’ campaigns so why not Special K?  I applaud the changes they are trying to make for the better.  After all a company is just like people.  We can evolve, change our opinions and adapt new values.  I guess the difference is companies do it for profit; hence people questioning the sincerity.

In the video above the tags are a true reflection of what woman say to themselves on a regular basis.  When I have spoken to young girls in my talks I often raise this issue.  Negative ‘self-talk’ is our worst enemy and it seems like women say this things often when they go shopping.  Using the store was a perfect setting to really make the point known.  If we wouldn’t say bad things to our friends then why do we say them to ourselves all the time?

See the video below from Special K in 1986 when they were totally focused on adding their breakfast cereal to your diet to lose weight.  Complete turnaround from what they want to represent today.  What are your thoughts?

Read more about the campaign here:


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