A New Kind of Mannequin

Embracing the diversity in our world has been a continuing process.  Especially when it comes to beauty and the representation of all shapes and sizes. This video shows a group of people in society often not represented in the fashion and beauty business.  People with disabilities are neglected as if they don’t exist or as if they are not consumers of fashion.  It is rare for fashion designers to consider this sector of the market.  The reality is they also have to buy clothing too.  Canadian designer Izzy Camilleri is one of the few who took the initiative to create a collection of clothing for people with disabilities a few years ago.

What we often hear about is the use of mannequins in store windows that are so skinny most women can’t imagine what clothing will look like on them since they are not shaped like the mannequins.  Over the years we have seen a change with fuller figures, hips and butts appearing on some mannequins.  But one thing that has been lacking is representing a demographic of people many forget exist.  The disabled.  They also want to see what a garment would look like on them.  Watch this video as it shows the process of creating mannequins reflecting the diversity in our human form.  If more of these figures are used in stores perhaps many people won’t stare at those who don’t fit the ‘typical’ norm and know we are all people with different challenges and should be embraced no matter what. 

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