The Power of Photoshop

This is not a new message but one that needs to be reminded all the time.  All too often we forget that the images we see every day have been altered.  It’s easy to compare ourselves to the pictures in magazines, billboards, posters, newspapers and online.  Everything we see is not as real as we think.

Remember that the beauty of who we are has nothing to do with what media messages we are getting.  It truly comes from the inside and radiates through.  Just remember those people in our lives who seem to be the so-called average looking but yet attract everyone.  It’s all about who you are inside that shines through.  There is beauty in all of us.  We just have to learn to see it.  We have to remember it’s not in a manufactured image.

Photoshop creates images that sell us a fantasy.  They are not real.  Don’t believe everything you see.

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