Models are doing What to Look Thin?

Model Katia Elizarova.

Model Katia Elizarova.

Now this is a new level of unbelievable in my books.  When I read today that some models are having their teeth pulled in order to look skinnier in their faces I was mortified.  Why would anyone put themselves through such agony for that?  The fashion industry is not immune to these far out techniques women use to get thin, look thin or stay thin for the sake of their jobs; modelling.

Russian model Katia Elizarova spoke out recently in an interview in The Sunday Times (UK) about what models are doing to stay thin.  The 27-year-old model said, “When I was in Japan they weighed me every day after lunch, so I felt horrible….I did know girls who were bulimic, who used cocaine to make their cheeks hollow.  Some girls pulled out their teeth to look thinner.”

Pulling out teeth seems to be a new extreme that models are partaking in to achieve more defined faces, hollow cheek’s and have that overall emaciated look.  Some models may naturally have that sunken in face but many do not and it becomes fierce competition between the women to keep their jobs.  Nobody wants to lose a big gig with a client.  This is where it is a vicious cycle.  We talk about wanting changes in the industry to embrace different body types.  But the truth is it has to start with us.  It’s not enough to just talk about it but to stand up against it also.  That’s the only catalyst that will change things.

Read more in the Huffington Post here

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