First Plus Size Runway Show at New York Fashion Week

plus size nyfw

The last few years the issue of plus sized fashion has continued to be a hot topic of discussion.  Plus size fashion shows and events typically have their own special ‘Plus Fashion Weeks’.  These have gained big followings and audiences.  But none get as much attention as the typical runway shows around the world including New York Fashion Week, Paris Fashion Week and London Fashion Week.  None of these shows feature plus size designers and this year history has been made as a plus sized show was officially featured as part of Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week.

Eden Miller is the designer for Cabiria which carries clothing in sizes 12-24.  She was excited to be featured at New York Fashion Week and told that she felt her designs are strong and is confident in her eye for design.  Previous to this she has been a costume designer for over 20 years and the foray into ready-to-wear is an exciting venture.

designer eden miller

“I want to get to the point where plus fashion is just as legitimate as any other fashion out there on the runway, and whatever somebody is showing, the collection itself is what speaks,” she said. “I love the idea of pushing that forward. But what I’m really looking forward to is, as plus-size becomes more legitimate, the weight of responsibility of opening that door becomes less and less, and it can be more about just the clothes.”

This is the first step in a long road to the fashion industry embracing this niche market that actually touches many women around the world.  Not everyone is stick thin and can wear some of the fashions presented in other collections.  In the meantime, Cabiria received positive response at this first NYFW showing and had certainly opened the door to future plus size labels strutting down the New York runway.



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