Beauty in Smiles and Laughter


This post is inspired by my recent trip to Vancouver, B.C. Canada.  If you saw the picturesque views of this city when it hosted the 2010 Winter Olypmics, you surely know there is plenty to take in there.  You will find everything from breathtaking mountains to lovely beaches and parks. 

While taking a walk towards English Bay, I came across this sculpture with various images of a man laughing.  At first it looked like a series of cartoonish characters but then I realized how cool this sculpture was. It featured the same man in several poses laughing in so many different ways. It was a true representation of the different ways we all laugh.

I took a moment to share in the smiles and laughter. Several people took their own photos with these large men laughing hysterically.

For me it represented the beauty in smiling and laughing. When we smile our spirits are instantly lifted. When we laugh we remember to enjoy life.

There is truly beauty in receiving joy. This place has become one where everyone shares the connection of joy and laughing which is a beautiful part of life.

We are all more beautiful when we choose to laugh. Don’t wait to be around a sculpture like this to smile. Do it all the time. Be beautiful.

#laugh #smile #beauty

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