You Will Never Look Like……


Have you ever flipped through a magazine and then felt bad about yourself?  Many women and girls have.  All those beautiful pictures of models looking absolutely perfect is enough to make anyone question their looks.  It poses the question”Why can’t I look like that?”

I remember a guy once saying to me, “Why can’t all women look as good as Cindy Crawford or Naomi Campbell?”  I thought this guy was being so ridiculous.  Often people talk about the perfect shape of swimsuit models or actresses.  We look at these images and then aspire to be like it.

You know what I said to the guy who made his comment about Cindy and Naomi?  I said, “Any woman would look like that if she woke up to a hair stylist, makeup artist and wardrobe stylist waiting for her in the morning.”  You see models and other public people don’t look that way all the time.  Especially when we speak of magazine images.  International top model Coco Rocha even admits to not recognizing herself in some photos.  Photoshop is a magazine’s best friend.  Every image is altered.

So the next time you beat yourself up for not looking like the girl in a magazine just remember, even she doesn’t look like that.


2 thoughts on “You Will Never Look Like……

  1. I came across your blog and I have to say that it has really been inspirational. It’s like the things you say on your blog are what go on in my mind or how I feel. I love how you touch upon topics that relate to our daily lives. Your blog is awesome and I am here to stay 🙂 *Keep up the good work*

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