Need To Be Skinnier ….

Have you ever looked at yourself and said exactly that? “I need to be skinnier”. I said that so many times when I was pursuing a career in modelling. It was my dream to become the ‘next Naomi Campbell…next Iman….Beverly Johnson….’. But my setback was that I never seemed to be skinny enough.

So I was on the quest to be skinny. Even though I already was skinny by normal ‘real-life’ standards. But the nature of the business made me believe I was not skinny and that I NEEDED to be.

It took some time but after choosing to not push for that career anymore brought me to a place of learning to have self love for my body; to embrace it flaws and all. Everyone has their flaws and imperfections. Nobody is perfect actually.

We need to love ourselves. That is what we should be saying. Our bodies are shaped differently and knowing and accepting that is half the battle. Next combat is learning to always say….”I need to love myself”.

Let’s all love ourselves.

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