Body Image


Sometimes when we look at pictures we forget to realize that it’s just a picture.  In the effort to look like ‘fashion’ some women get so absorbed and consumed it affects them.

Eating disorders are a serious issue. In this image above it reminds us that aspiring to look like unrealistic images is not healthy. Eating disorders are a complex disease but it starts with how we see ourself and having the self love needed to embrace who we are. If you or someone you know suffers from one, it’s time to say no to your illness by seeking professional help.

One thought on “Body Image

  1. wow, the person version is so unappealing :/, i’ve seen fashion illustrations of a really skinny beyonce and it always seems ok for her to be represented with super exaggerated, idealized features. But when the images of the illustration and the final costume for her tour is compared, their completely different (in terms of body shape)

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