Weight Is Just A Number

154 pounds

Body size and body type is something women obsess over all the time.  I came across this picture on Facebook recently and found it quite interesting.  It asks the question of who weights the Aussie average which makes it safe to assume this image is from Australia.  But, it is still something that women all over the world could ask.  Who weighs the average of their country?

As women, we all have various heights, shapes and genetic makeup.  We all carry our weight differently.  So why is it that women are often obsessing over that number?  I remember having a conversation with a friend of mine and she didn’t want to say how much she weighed.  It’s like the number we say will have some kind of negative association with it.  When I speak to young girls during my speeches on issues of self-esteem and body image I usually openly share my weight with the young women.

All the women in the photo above weight 154 pounds.  But see how they all look different.  I used to weigh that but these day I hover closer to 165 pounds.  We need to learn to embrace our size and honor who we are by understanding we all will look different no matter what the number on the scale says.



7 thoughts on “Weight Is Just A Number

  1. I keep telling people the number on a scale is relevant if you bought a truckload of T-shirts with that number on them or you need to fit a weight class of a sport. Otherwise it couldn’t be less irrelevant.
    This is a great reminder to all, thank you Ivy!

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  3. Suffering from eating disorders I am always trying to accept my weight, my body. I am 39 years today and I have a normal body, neither fat nor skinny. And it is still hard for me to accept that. Life as a woman can be hard.

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