Embracing Age


Born in 1958, Actress Angela Bassett is in her fifties and aging gracefully.

The aging process is something that we can’t escape.  Unless you die young of course.  But, God willing, we’ll all live long and healthy lives.

We live in a world that cherishes the beauty of youth.  Especially as a woman, it becomes a battle to embrace aging.  Media celebrates women who stay young and men are honored for looking more handsome and distinguished as they get older.  It’s a sad double standard but it’s the reality.

Corporations sell us products to help us reverse the aging process.  I admit, I have also fallen into the desire to keep youthful and fresh.  Especially with my line of work in television and media.  The way I look on camera is something I’m aware viewers are looking at.  But I also believe if we focus on taking care of our health, then the aging process won’t be so harsh.  When we are healthy on the inside the beauty inside radiates through our smile and in our eyes.

Angela Bassett is an actress who is known for taking care of herself.  Exercise, eating healthy and keeping a positive spirit are ways to keep yourself fresh and vibrant.  It’s not about trying to look like you’re 20 when you’re 50.  Rather it should be about maintaining your body to the best care possible.  Our physical bodies house our inner spirits.  When both are in balance you will be beautiful inside and out.

My goal this year is to eat more healthy, exercise more and have a positive outlook on life in general.  Learning not to sweat the small stuff.


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