Is Makeup Beauty?

beauty is not makeup

I was recently standing in line at the grocery store check-out when as usual I was bombarded with the many celebrity obsessed magazines.  One in particular was an issue dedicated to pictures of celebrities without makeup.  One by one there were photos of high-profile actresses with and without makeup.

Of course the pictures with makeup come from being at an event, on the red carpet or some type of promo or advertisement.  The images without makeup are on days when they are NOT working.  Walking home, shopping, with their children, exercising or at the beach.  Being a beautiful woman is not about wearing makeup.  In fact there are many men who don’t even like makeup.  They hate when they hug their lady and get makeup all over their shirt.  How about when you lay on their couch and leave your makeup behind?  Not a pretty sight.

I remember being in a relationship with a man who told me that I was most beautiful with my freshly moisturized skin in the morning.  No makeup. Just a little clear gloss on my mouth.  It was such an amazing complement.  Those were the days when I was in modelling so I got used to getting done up by some great makeup artists.  It was a moment when I realized how much others value natural beauty.

Today, I see makeup as a way to enhance what you already have.  Or just a way to play, have fun and take on another persona.  It’s not who you are but rather an extension.  Makeup is not what makes a woman beautiful.

The beauty you have comes from who you are on the inside.  A beautiful spirit that lights up in your smile and in your eyes.

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