Happy New Year

happy new year 2012 wallpaper

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading my blog throughout this past year.  Another year has wrapped up.  Take a moment to remember all the beautiful blessings you received this year.  Sometimes it’s difficult to count all the good stuff because all too often the negative bad things seem to cloud our minds.  There is beauty in focusing on the positive.  I know two people who have lost loved ones this holiday season.  Imagine the sadness and heavy hearts they have with suffering such a loss.

That is enough to remind us that every day is not promised.  If you are reading this that means you have been blessed with another day of life to do it all again.  Make each day count.  Make each day beautiful.  Share laughter, joy and love as much as possible every day you have life.

As we prepare to turn into 2013, make goals to have more beauty in your life.  As I like to say beauty begins with a smile and a smile starts in the heart.

Happy New Year!!

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