Beauty in Talent

I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely young lady while I was touring the Ottawa, Ontario area schools.  I was speaking to young women about issues of self-esteem, body image, bullying and career goals.

This beautiful young woman’s Youtube channel is SallieZen and she’s just beginning to hone her craft.  She plays the guitar and I think there is something beautiful about the rawness of her voice.  One of the things that is often discussed when I speak to young women is the importance of putting your energy towards positive things.  Instead of engaging in activities that will bring you down or draw negative attention to you it’s important to do the things that you love to do.  If you’re an athlete, practice so you can perform better.  If you’re an artist, do what is necessary to develop your talent more in the arts.  The more a person does the things she loves the better she becomes.

This young girl came to me after the presentation and spoke of how positive it was and how she and her friends learned so much.  I was privileged to have met her and was thrilled when she shared her love of music by telling me where to find on Youtube.

One thing I truly believe is that there is real beauty in talent.  Honing your craft is the key to keeping and improving your talents.  All too often we don’t spend the time working on what we are gifted with.  When we don’t it is easy to lose our gifts.  Talent is such a beautiful thing and a wonderful part of who each individual is.  This young lady is a real beauty and I was blessed for her to have shared her gift with me.

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