Love The Skin You’re In


Loving your skin seems like a simple thing to do but there are many people who have difficulty with it.  Today I chose to discuss this topic of loving your skin because over the last few weeks I have been on a speaking tour where issues of self-image among women is brought to the forefront of conversation.  I have been speaking to teenage girls but this is an issue that also affects women of all ages.

I have had a few young women express dissatisfaction with how they look whether it’s their hair, clothes, body type etc. But one specific issue really hit home with me.  It was when I had a young woman tell me (and this wasn’t the first time) that she was not comfortable in her own skin.  She was courageous enough to share with me her unhappiness with being different.  You see she was a young Black girl surrounded by many White girls.  She said she didn’t like who she was and had not been confident or comfortable with her race until she saw how confident I was in saying I was a proud Black woman.  She held her head down while she told me that she didn’t like being Black until that day when she heard me speak.  It was like a light had been turned on for her and recharged her for a new vision in life.

It was very sad to hear that she was feeling this way about herself.  But at the same time it was wonderful to hear her say that listening to me speak made her realize that she should feel better about who she is.

The concept of loving the skin you’re in is not exclusive to just a young black girl.  But it’s something that any woman can choose to embrace.  We all have our issues that we are dealing with and until we can learn to love the skin we are in we are only limiting the true beauty we have to offer the world.

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