Appreciate Your Own Beauty in The Presence of Others

Book cover for, If You Have To Cry Go Outside, by Kelly Cutrone

Pardon me as I write this mobile post from my BlackBerry Torch that always freezes on me.

Today I decided to read a book that’s one of my favourites. Kelly Cutrone’s ‘If You Have To Cry, Go Outside’ is filled with many quotes I have highlighted and underlined for future inspiration.

Often times as women we compare ourselves to others.  When a beautiful woman passes by, it’s hard not to notice. in fact sometimes think women look at women more than men do.  We size each other up from head to toe.

Sometimes thoughts of jealousy, envy or even negativity can come from a place of self-doubt.  The self defeated thinking of wishing you could have something she has.

Kelly Cutrone said something in her book that strikes a chord with is issue.

“This circus of materialism and superficiality, however,  has forced me to learn and love myself and really know that I’m not what I do for a living. It’s liberating to be forty-four years old, standing next to a six-foot model, and feeling no anger, resentment, or jealousy — to be able to appreciate her beauty while also loving my self.”

That is one of the best quotes in the book.  We as women need to stand strong in our own beauty.  We have all been guilty of it.  When I used to model it was a personal battle not to compare myself to the other girls.  Especially because my ‘model flaw’ were my wide hips (according to industry standards).  in time I have learned to love me.  i admit, I still have my days but, now I can appreciate myself while also admiring the beauty of others.

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