Afro’s, Natural Hair and Oprah

  The September 2012 issue of Oprah’s magazine is garnering a whole lot of media attention.  It’s her ‘makeover issue’ and on the cover Queen ‘O’ is sporting a new ‘do.  It’s her ‘natural‘ hair.  Now when a Black woman says she is sporting her natural hair it’s all about wearing your hair without a weave, extensions, pieces, wigs or chemical relaxers.

It’s become a topic of debate on twitter and other social networking sites.  Some are saying she looks great while others are criticizing her for claiming it’s actually natural.  The fact is, she has stated previously that her hair is all hers.  In 2009 when Chris Rock was promoting his film Good Hair he appeared on Oprah’s show.  Winfrey actually had Chris Rock touch her scalp to prove it was all hers.

But as many Black women know, Oprah presses and blows out her hair on a regular basis.  I myself have had natural hair for over 15 years and when I press and blow it out it looks like I have chemicals in it.  From what I have heard, that’s what Oprah does.  After years of pressing out, blowing out and flat-ironing the hair shaft eventually becomes ‘relaxed’.  As a result the natural tight kinky curl that many Blacks have, is no longer what it looks like.  It becomes looser much like what’s pictured on the cover.

My hair isn’t as tight as it is naturally anymore because of the years of straightening it out with the blow-dryer, hot comb and flat-iron (I have to use all three to make it straight).  I also blow-dry and twist to give it a looser look.  It can be done, it just takes time.

Although this could very well be all Oprah’s hair, the texture is likely from the years of straightening it out with heat.  Just look at her photos from early in her career.  When she was a new Journalist in the industry she wore her natural afro.  The only way for it to go from that to the current cover look is from years of styling with heat.

Regardless I think it’s great she decided to do a cover with her hair like this.  When the most powerful woman on the planet decides to expose her hair like this, it opens up the door for more Black women to feel confident and empowered to wear their natural hair; no matter what the texture.

l Oprah in her early days as a Journalist wore her very natural afro.

What do you think of her hair like this?  Below are a few of the comments I found on twitter.

@TribeCalledCurl said,

” I think Oprah’shair looks good, and youthful, but I feel like its dishonest to call it #naturalhair, b/c she has a perm #TribeThursdays


“THIS is controversial? Really?? | Oprah’s natural hair debut stirs controversy (via@todayshow)”


@MissTR_ :

“Oprah rocked her hair natural in public & this guy told her she looked like Oprah & she said, “I am Oprah” and he said, “you wish!” HAHA #truestory”



“Oprah’s stylist said he does relax her hair! Oprah Finally Wears Her Natural Hair On O Magazine #naturalhair




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