Vogue Magazine Says it Will Restrict Super-Skinny Models

The fashion industry is one that does not have any form of regulation.  It’s not like the film industry where actors have unions that protect or have certain rules in place.   Models over the years seem to be getting thinner and thinner.  Designers are creating garments that demand they fit and often times they are dying to be thin.  In Spain and Italy there are guidelines that monitor the Body Mass Index (BMI) of models.  Recently Israel passed a law that bans models who are below a certain BMI.  But overall the industry is not regulated.  Now Vogue magazine has announced it will reduce the use of models under the age of 16 and that they will stop using models who have visible signs of eating disorders.

The industry has been criticized for the way it influences women’s views about themselves and seems to promote unhealthy eating disorders.  Experts say that it only perpetuates a false, unattainable ideal of beauty.

Tyra Banks recently spoke to CNN about the decision Vogue magazine has made.  Vogue says it will make the changes in 19 publications around the world.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Vogue will actually stick to its goal?

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