Natural Beauty

In the world of Hollywood there is so much pressure to look your best.  Especially as a female actress who is aging.  It’s an industry that is so focused on the beauty of youth.  As a Black woman it’s even more challenging.  With the general standards of beauty coming from the Caucasian viewpoint, hair is something that women of color have always been challenged with.

Most Black women in entertainment wear wigs, hair-pieces and weave (extensions) to make their hair longer, fuller or just plain straight.  Some say it’s just easier because many hair stylists don’t even know how to handle the texture of a Black woman’s hair.  But, the reality is, when a Black woman wears her natural hair she often looked over for certain roles and her opportunities are limited.

Last night was the 84th Annual Academy Awards.  A night when all eyes are on the hair, makeup and fashions of the ladies of the red carpet.  This night Best Actress Nominee, Viola Davis, decided to wear her own natural hair.  Apparently it was reported by People Style Watch that her husband has been encouraging her to wear her own hair.

I think it’s great that she made that decision.  Showing the world that natural beauty is just as radiant.

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