Plus Model Magazine Re-ignites the Debate on Skinny Models

The average fashion model barely weighs 120 pounds and is at least 5′ 9″ inches or taller.   The average woman in America is barely 5’4″ tall and weighs about 144 pounds.  What a staggering difference right?

Plus Model Magazine recently featured a story that has images showing the reality of how different the body sizes of a ‘straight size’ model and a ‘plus’ model are.

In my talks to young women I always mention the fact that most plus size models are really not that big but if you have them stand beside a regular model then they appear as if they are because regular fashion models are very thin.

The article in the January 2012 issue of Plus Model Magazine says that most runway models are on the verge of being considered anorexic based on their Body Mass Index.

The photos in the magazine are quite powerful and feature plus model Katya Zharkova (as U.S. size 12) standing with a regular sized model.  According to the article, most plus size models in the world of fashion range between sizes 6-14.  In reality, plus sizes start at 14-16 and up.

I know personally that when I pursued a career as a model I often struggled with the fact I was told to lose weight.  I’m naturally a size 10 and was even suggested to try plus size modelling because of my figure.  The reality is the industry is very much fueled on the desire to have what I call ‘walking coat-hangers’.  Someone to just walk and carry the clothes without really filling them in.  All one has to do is look at models to see that their sizes are not reflective of real women.

Plus Model Katya Zharkova is a size 12.

Click here to read more about the feature in Plus Model Magazine

It was in 2006 when a model died due to complications from anorexia, that the industry was put under so much pressure.  Spain actually passed a law that made it mandatory for models to have a BMI over 18 in order to work the runway shows.  This policy did not spread and we continue to see models who look emaciated working the runways.

This story is not something new.  In fact, it is brought up over and over and the debate continues.  What do you think?


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