Happy New Year

We are three days into 2012 and it’s off to a good start.  It’s a good start because we have already left the old behind and we are embracing the new.  That means new ways of embracing beauty.  Find a new way to see the beauty in yourself and the beauty in others.  Remember that it all comes from within.

There is a real beauty in so many things that we take for granted.  The other day I was taking a morning walk and came across a water dam that was overflowing.  As ugly as the dam itself was and the water wasn’t looking to nice, I noticed a pretty flower sprouting from below.  It had definitely taken root because although the water was flowing, it wasn’t moving.  It stayed in the same spot.

This is the photo I snapped.  Good thing my camera had a pretty good zoom to capture the nice image.  You may or may not agree but, I thought this flower was a beauty in the midst of its not so pretty surroundings.

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