Beauty Secrets

Wow, how quickly time flies.  I can’t believe I haven’t posted since I was on tour in Halifax last month.  I apologize to those of you who are following me.  I know it’s been quite awhile.   

Today I want to talk about beauty.  One of the things I find is how much we focus on our ‘beauty secrets’.  We see tips in magazines and on makeover shows on how we can stay beautiful.  But, often what is neglected is looking at the beauty you have within.  That’s the real secret to becoming and being beautiful forever.  

I’d like to share some simple tips on staying and being beautiful. 

Tip 1.


Never undersetimate the beauty and power of a smile.  It invigorates not only yourself but those around you too.  It brings good energy to you and everyone around you.  Smiles are infectious.  


Tip 2.


Being and speaking the positive about situations can resonate with your spirit.  Whenever the level of positivity is strong you will find a sense of inner peace that will stay with you.  Through this peace you’ll be balanced and those around you will notice and be attracted to this positive energy. 


Tip 3.


Treating other people with the utmost respect will go a long way.  The bible scripture that advocates to do unto others as you would have them do unto you is very true.  Treat with respect and you will be respected.  Look for the good in others and you will see the good.  


That’s it for now.  Go practice your beauty tips!

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