Young Man of Courage with a Beautiful Spirit

Myself with Wajdy, the most courageous boy I met in Halifax

This past week has been totally awesome talking to the students in Halifax and surrounding communities.  Overall for the week I had one young man really impact me with his courage.

He bravely spoke in front of his entire school about the struggles he’s encountered having moved here and trying to fit in.  He was so sweet and I think provided so much hope for others because as he said,  it does get better.  I won’t go into too much detail about what he said but, I can tell you that after he spoke, the entire student body gave him a round of applause.  It was absolutely awesome!  I just had to take a picture with him and let him know how much he represents going through things as a Junior High student and learning how to cope and understand that things will always get better!

Lots of love to you Wajdy!  You are a real leader in my eyes!


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