Girl vs. Boy Words

Word Cloud - Boys

In the world of advertising it seems that certain words are used for boys and others are used to market to girls.  After reading an interesting article on the website, it intrigued me enough to write this short post.  I wanted you to take a look at these word clouds pictured here.  Above shows words generally used for boys marketing.  Below,  you’ll find the words used to promote products to girls.

The gender biases start as early as infancy when we see blue for boys and pink for girls.  I am not here to say whether it’s right or wrong.  The reality is that men and women, girls and boys, are different.  There is a natural tendency towards femininity or masculinity.

However, the choice of words encourage power in boys but, not for girls.  This I do not agree with.  Girls can have power, compete, have action, ride vehicles, jump and they can become heroes too.  When it comes to the words used for girls, I think boys can equally share the ability to style hair, love fashion, have great friendships and yes love too.

The word biases are not only in childhood but they go throughout our lives.  Think about it.  You take a look at all the words in both images and tell me what your opinion is.

Word Cloud - Girls


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