Camp AfroChic

Camp AfroChic

This past weekend I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with the lovely ladies of Camp AfroChic.  The experience taught young Black girls the importance of loving who we are as women.  To understand that we come in all shapes and sizes, skin tones, hair textures and so much more.  It explored self-esteem, media images, art, creativity, healthy eating and was a time to bond and share personal experiences.

Each one of us has something unique to share with the world.  Remember to never compare yourself to others.  There will always be someone taller, skinnier, darker, lighter, smarter.  The words we use against our-selves and others can be very damaging.  We discussed how important it is to speak positive to others and avoiding negative energy.

Focusing on their own talents and individuality was also discussed.  When you embrace who you are and focus on what you’re good at, you’ll notice how much you’ll enjoy yourself and find out your friends love that you are good at something.  Some of us are great artists.  Others may be smart in math or science.  Among our group of campers we had talented artists, singers, writers, designers, speakers, comedians, photographers, and much more.  Everyone had a unique talent to share.

Showing us the T-Shirts they created using art to express the beauty of Black women.

I had a wonderful time with the young ladies and am looking forward to hearing more about how they will use what they learned to become ambassadors of the future.



Young photographers taking portraits of each other.

campers discussing what they are learning

Dominique and I strike a pose


Our youngest Campers. So adorable.



For more information on any upcoming events by AfroChic visit the website at








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