Nerds Rule the World

It’s funny how when we are in school there are all these different groups.  You know what I’m talking about, social circles, cliques or however you’d like to refer to it.  When in school we have certain groups of people labelled with names like nerds, cool girls, freaks, geeks, popular, jocks, and the list could go on.  Sometimes these labels can make a person feel bad about themselves or boost their level of confidence.  The words we use can make a big difference in a person’s life.

I’m thinking about this because yesterday I met a beautiful girl who I thought I had so much in common with.  She’s 12 years old and about 5’7″ tall.  I was always tall when I was growing up and she is too.  I could totally relate to some of her experiences getting teased because of the height.  She’s also smart and had so many interesting things to talk about.  She said some things about what girls her age are thinking about.  Fat, style and fitting in.  She told me that her little sister shouldn’t look up to her because she’s a nerd.  I was so shocked.  I had to let her know that nerds rule the world.  She looked at me like I was crazy when I said that.

The way I explained it way by telling her if it wasn’t for the so-called nerds of the world we wouldn’t have the internet, computers, cell phones, video games, and all sorts of other technology that the world has benefited from.  I told her if she keeps studying and stays focused in school she will also be one of those who makes an impact on this world.  I wanted her to understand how important her contribution is to this world.

She was so adorable.  I would love to share the photo we took together but, I don’t want to embarrass her by posting it here.  I just want her and other young girls who may feel ‘uncool’ because they are nerds to know that being a nerd is okay.  There is nothing wrong with wanting to be smart, wearing glasses or dressing differently from everyone else.

Just be yourself.


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