Feeling Beautiful


True beauty comes from the inside.  I know you hear that so much it sounds like a cliché.  But it’s actually true.  Although we live in a world that judges people based on what they look like on the outside, the reality is your outside package will only get you so far.

Working on your character is the key to becoming beautiful.  Just think about those people you know who may be considered ‘average looking’ based on society standards.  We all know someone who still seems to attract so many people because their beautiful spirit within is just radiating through.

I know that we love to do our makeup, hair and get the latest fashion trends but, if we honor who we are deep within the rest will come naturally too.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to stop wearing makeup and stop buying new clothes.  I am simply saying to be truly soul-beautiful and you will notice a difference in your life.  It doesn’t matter if you are Black, White, Indian, Asian or whatever, we are all human beings and we all desire to be around those who have a beautiful spirit.



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