Makeup Challenge

I was recently reading the April issue of Seventeen Magazine where actress and author Whitney Port shared her idea of going without makeup.  Think about it, most of us go through a regular routine like she mentioned in the article; wake up, get ready and put on the makeup.  Some women never leave the house without their faces done.  You may be one of those people.  Do you ever wonder if you could go without?  Would it really make a difference if you left the house wearing nothing but your face and some moisturizer?

That’s my challenge to you.  Go a day without any makeup.  Then make it two days.  Next thing you’ll be going a whole week.  See how you feel.  If your confidence changes.  You’ll actually notice that your beauty is not just about what you’ve put on your face.

Now I’m not saying it’s wrong to wear makeup because I certainly do sometimes.  I’m just challenging you to think about the reasons why you’re wearing it.  It’s fun to wear makeup and get done up.  But, it’s also fun to just slap on some moisturizer, chapstick and walk out the door.

Remember, you’ll always have beauty in your smile!



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