What’s Your Impact?

You never know who is watching you and what impact you may have on others.  The old biblical principle of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” is so true.  That being said, it doesn’t mean to do things expecting things.  Treating another person with kindness is the ultimate reward.

I recently was at a funeral where I saw old high school friends I had not seen in many years.  At the reception hall I sat at a table with someone who I used to hang out with.  It was great catching up with him and everybody else.  Before the day was over he took the time to tell me something that caught me by surprise.  He said, “Thank you.”  I asked him what for and he said that when he was the new guy at school I was the one who said hello and took him in as if he was already a good friend.  He said “I’ll never forget how you were so nice to me and invited me to do things with you and your friends.  I was new in town and at the school and knew no-one.  But I will always remember how you made me feel.”

I was so surprised (partly because I didn’t even remember) but, I was also very touched and happy that something I did resulted in a positive in someone else’s life.

You never know what your impact is on someone else.



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