Writing Your Thoughts

Some of you may have had a diary or two throughout your life.  I know I have.  When I was a young girl I always kept a diary.  As an adult I have tried a few times but hate to admit that I always seem to be a little inconsistent; only writing on occasion.  But I truly believe that if we write our thoughts and daily events regularly it helps to process ideas and even keep our memory alive.  It also helps to fuel the imagination and generate ideas.

I recently found one of my diaries from high school and was amazed at all the stories that I had forgotten about.  Some of the experiences that I thought were so traumatic at the time, really seem quite trivial now.  That’s not to say that what I was feeling was trivial.  When you are in the midst of a storm it really is a challenge.

Remember that no matter how bad things may seem, we can always get through it.  Take one day at a time.  Jot down your thoughts and before you know it, it’ll be a new day.

Keep smiling. 🙂


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