Keep Inspiring

It’s so important to always inspire others.   You never know who is looking up to you.  Even the smallest gesture can be remembered for many years.  I once worked as a Head Booker at a talent agency where I managed actors for film and TV.  There was a teenage girl the agency represented who I did not recognize.  Her mother ended up telling me that she remembered me from three years previous when I had been part of a conference that was all about the empowerment of girls.

Apparently I had said something to her that inspired her to pursue her dream to dance and act.  I honestly didn’t remember but, it was very rewarding to hear her mom tell me the story.  It actually inspired me to keep going.  Believe it or not, I have days when I feel like giving up too but, the key is to just keep moving forward.

Today I featured on  Click here to check out the post!

Remember to keep smiling!


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