What is Beauty?

Beauty, as it has long been said, is in the eye of the beholder.  In this world it is often thought of as being physical.  The way we look is often judged by others.  The way we look is used as a platform to judge who we are.

The truth is who we are on the outside doesn’t always reflect the inside.  Beauty truly comes from within.  As I like to say, what’s on the inside will eventually radiate through.

This may sound cliché but beauty does come from within.  Who you are on the inside is what shines.  Have you ever met someone who you thought was absolutely gorgeous and you thought to yourself, “Wow, she’s so beautiful.  I would love to be like, look like, or meet her.”  But, then once you did finally meet or speak with this beauty, everything that came out of her mouth made her so ugly. Do you know what I’m talking about?

The nastiness that’s inside comes through too.  This can make someone very ugly.

I challenge you to let your inner beauty shine through.  I also challenge you to see the inner beauty in someone else.  When we focus on the positive in others, we see nothing but beauty.

Keep smiling.


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